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Spark the Change is a global movement that aims to inspire change and rethink the future of work. We bring together Business Leaders, Academics, and Disruptors who already went through a positive change before, and are keen to share their learnings.We believe in the power of ideas and in the ability to question everything we do. Spark is about bringing the right people in the right place in order to start the right conversations that will help you innovate and change.

Through our events and conferences our goal is to deliver the following 3 promises:

Spark is an opportunity.Creating sustainable, highly efficient content and building events and conferences are the best way to position your company as a pioneer and showcase your company latest innovation. We aim to inspire and help develop the skills you need to make a lasting mark and undergo a positive change.

Spark is a conference platformWe bring a series of inspirational talks from people who already went through a positive change before, and are keen to share their learnings. Follow practical workshops created just for you by today’s transformers and disruptors. We create events that engage and inspire your employees. We bring experts in different fields willing to share their knowledge and experiences in order to inspire the change within the organization.

Spark is a communityWe bring together leaders from all businesses, with one mission only: to work together to create lasting and total change. We bring you bubbles. So relax, and have a drink with like-minded people. Re-energise in an atmosphere brimming with relevant information. Get to know people like you and people you look up to. Exchanging tips and sharing knowledge, we are all committed to improving our organizations, and sparking change.

Change requires collaboration

Everyone at Spark the Change – whether speaking or listening – are present to share experience, look for help, or learn. Because we are all different, we don’t flock together: we mingle. During lunch at one of our conferences, a senior from Human Resources may share a salad with a junior customer support team leader. At teatime, an Operation Director may share a biscuit with an agency creative. And during happy hour, an IT leader may share a beer with a respected 72-year-old academic. Why not?

Spark The Change in numbers


More than 150 workshops delivered or companies and organizations.

More than 200 speakers already took on the Spark the Change Stage

Already 15 editions of our annual conference organized around the world

Spark the Change is operating in 6 countries and collaborating with many international startups and companies.

A community of more than 3000 active members.



Spark started back in 2014 in London, since then, we happily welcomed new chapters around the world and we aspire to bring Spark the Change to new countries in the new future. Today, Spark the Change reached 8 cities across the world with events in London, Toronto, Melbourne, Montreal, Pune, Amsterdam and now Paris and Brussels.

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